only aholes aspire .

Jaime sat in the back of the class fiddling with her pencil . She glanced up at the clock to see if it was 10:50 yet , time for recess . not even close . she quietly snuck into her backpack and pulled out a bag of gummy worms . she tried to open the package without making too much noise . sweet success . now, all she had to do was wait for Ms. Patterson to turn back to the board and that red & blue gummy worm (those were the best ones) would travel through space, time, and boring air to reach her taste buds . mmmm , yummy .

"Jaime, are you eating in my class?" Ms. Patterson asked sternly . Oh no, she could always tell when Jaime was lying .

"No, Ms.P" Jaime said with her left eye twitching .

"Give it here," Ms.Patterson held out her hand . Luckily, the nasty yellow and orange gummies were the only ones left . Ms. Patterson wrote Jaime's name on the board for 5 minutes detention . Jaime smacked her teeth and sunk into her blue, plastic chair. She couldn't wait until she was a 6th grader, this would all be over. "Now Jaime, contribute to the conversation!"

For the past hour, kids had to stand up and express what they wanted to be when they got older and why . Kids said they wanted to be firefighters, police officers, the president, and one girl even said she wanted to work at Six Flags Magic Mountain . Ms. Patterson smiled at all of these "adorable" answers and now it was Jaime's turn . She swallowed hard . In order to get her detention erased, she had to come up with a good answer . . .

"I wanna be a doctor and save the lives of folks" she said nervously, eye twitching .

"Don't lie to me," Ms. Patterson scowled and jaime shrugged . She decided she would be honest, but she knew she would probably get more detention .

"When i grow up, i wanna be in love . Psh, a doctor ? They can't reeeeally fix a broken heart . They cant even make a heart skip a beat . They can't hold the wings of butterflies in my tummy when i meet my husband . A doctor can save a life, but that don't make it worth nothin'. I wanna make money, but i wanna make love more . I wanna have a house, but i dont wanna be alone in it . I want someone to hold my hand and bring me reece's 'cause they're my favorite . I want a boy to tell me i'm pretty everyday so i don't forget . I want a boy who don't cheat . . . or else i'll have my big brother beat him up . I want to be in love when i grow up ."

Jaime got five more minutes added to her detention


  1. you have a way with words ms. lady. genius.

  2. dope... reminds me of Christian

  3. u r killer.....how u write this miss...awsome..!love u for this!!