PART II: what men want .♥

after the 'what women want' was posted, i thought it was only fair that men got the chance to set their record straight . i was very impressed with the honesty, similarities & differences in the responses . if you are a woman or man who did not get to be heard, just comment & leave your perspective ! xoxo

"I love her and that's the beginning of everything." -F. Scott Fitzgerald .

NOAH SAID, "I want someone who loves God more than she loves me, first and foremost. Honesty, maturity and someone not ashamed of their insecurity. Someone I can trust not to drop my heart on a plowing field. And I want to be motivated by her ambition, cuz nothin says 'bautiful woman' like her drive!"

JAMES SAID, "a girl that has personality...someone that can make me laugh.and have goals that could inspire me to do even more..as well as see her progress..and someone that could just be 110% true and keep it real...as i would.."

TERREN SAID, "i want someone who can challenge and stimulate me intellectually . depth . i need to be able to have a good time with her no matter what . a looker , God fearing and supportive . knows how to give and take love [cough cough]. she gotta know that when i say it . . .it's real ."

HENRY SAID, "The truth is, men don't know what they want . we jump from nicki minaj to keri hilson to michelle obama . DON'T get me wrong i'm sure there are some guys out there with specific standards . I think a woman . . . my woman should be a compatible companion spiritually and mentally . we don't want much but when we find a girl that has everything we want, our WANTS turn to NEEDS . [shout out to lil steve]

DAREN SAID, "sex ...title-less relationships . Men want to be able to dominate women and have the women be exclusive to them, but feel that it's somehow warranted for them [men]to be with multiple girls . they also feel that without relationships, there is no commitment . therefore, they have no obligation to spend a certain amount of time with that person ."

DENNIS SAID, " Please understand that my emotions are in this as well.. I understand I'm a man and you being a woman you are reluctant to completely give yourself to me but I ask you to.. And I plan to do the same.. I want you to know that I will do anything for you.. I also want you to know that what I tell you is real I have no reason to lie, because your the one I plan to spend the rest of my life with.. Till the day I die . "

KENNETH SAID, "First off I want a woman . I want someone whose intelligent, I want a woman who's very caring but doesn't care what people think & doesn't want a relationship based on rules but solely on love, pretty much I want a lovechild . a lover who's nurturing and supportive . someone who understands that the connection between the mind and heart is far more than the physical, someone whose original, a best friend . "

well people , there you have it . a drip of the male psyche . hope you enjoyed it ! :]

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