le nouveau l'altruiste

you're here .
always, youre here .
when the sun shines, you wait patiently . when the inevitable storms come, you are right behind me ... umbrella in hand . days, months, and years past . . . i step on your heart , right by you i pass . nevertheless, youre quite relentless & wait for me to mosey on your way . my heart would squint at you, ask why you stick around ? when you need me, im selfish and nowhere to be found . but you're grounded in me ...the friend i need and did not know it . & regardless of my occupied heart, you never fail to show it .

but you're always the sixth man .
time in and time out, you wait patiently on your bench of devotion . you watch intently as i lose games after games . & it's ironic how you dont play any . simply someone so honest . so honest in fact, that i couldnt take you seriously. . . thought you had to be a joke . well friend, im wiping my eyes and theyre wide awoke . i used to think you were a person trying to use my weakness to play your strengths, one of those people under the net tryna catch the ball off the rim . but im liftin off my shades like dwayne , forget the bull, the nonsense, the lies and pain . i just wanna thank you for bein the humble friend, not lookin' for stevi fame . you know me . the individuals havin, adidas wearin, lunch pale girl with my mind as the proof . you know i would never throw stones, just speak the truth .

but here's my twist , im telling you to leave . go spend your time where it's truly worth it . i cant ruin the pure with the contamination of society's culprits . ive been unfair for the past gazzilion years ... letting you always be there and wipe the tears . i can see the hope in your eyes, tap dancing for my affection . saying what you wouldnt do, what you would ... and i used to let you pour yourself into a puddle of vulnerable. its not fair . set yourself free . im a mess and i damn sure aint tryna be your damsel in distress . i dont need a knight, even if you think that's what's best . stop spilling yourself, stop using this 'L' word, stop putting yourself on the front line ...just go and find a girl that's reflective of you, simply one of a kind .


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