spring clean .

i am a slave to my imagination . . .
this merciless tyrant torments my mind.
with its hand, it draws back the bull whip of reality . then . smacks the leather across my sanity .
when i reach peace, my imagination releases the hounds of capability .
i shield my face and brace myself in fear . . . & right before i piss my pants, the ravenous dogs disappear into the thick air .

Air so thick in fact, that i cannot breathe .
dreams of the "unrealistic" suffocating me in my sleep that wake me up, asking if it was "all a dream?"
my 'ma`ssah' that controls me with sweet scenarios that make my soul sick .
my imagination, control freak superior that dangles the impossible in my face .

Just when i think im focused on the only clear reality,
my savage imagination dips my pride and dignity into acid .
this authoritarian paints pretty pictures of "no ways" and "yeeeah rights" until my spirit is fractured, and panting on the floor for air .
this affliction is not fair .
locking my mind in a room to itself, then filling the space with locations, lyrics, clouds, cop-outs, scapegoats and windows .

BUT while my mind takes the torture, my spirit perseveres, my self-respect perseveres, my faith in God perseveres . One man's filth is another man's fortune. welp, God never fails to treat me like a trunk full of treasure . so, here & now ... i lend myself to God's plan . a rebellion against my imagination .

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