testosterone testimony .

he told me, "it's important to be with someone who respects you . but it's also important for the person to be into you . they don't have to be crazy obsessive or nothin', but their room needs to light up when you walk in . . ."

he's right . no one wants to be around someone who makes the day luke warm . we strive to find someone in life who can make us smile without saying [anything at all] . we strive to find someone who can simply appreciate what makes us... us .

he said, "when your mom walked into the room at a get-together (old folk talk haha), she came right to me . she didn't care about people seein that i was one of the most important people in her life . it was the same with me . when i walked into the room, i went to hug her first ... in front of my homies . there was no need to play games ."

mmm . he's right . being so consumed with how people perceive you can destroy a good thing . people are so worried about the 'he say, she say' . . . well, rumors and judgement can't keep you warm at night . the bullshxt will come & go, but a good thing . . . that's somethin to hold on to .

he's said, "you'll always come across someone more attractive ... eventually . there's always gunna be someone that makes you think 'what if i would've dated her?' or 'damn, she bad'. but i knew that there was NO ONE who could love and support me like your mom ."

yup, he's right . imma be graphic so excuse me . but men are so concerned about how fine a girl is and how there are so many to choose from . if you've seen three vaginae, you've seen em all . i mean, honestly ... if sex is the only thing driving your relationships then you're in for a rude awakening . & women are so worried about snatching up ANY guy who blinks in their direction , neglecting the love and support system they need .

he said, "it's all about self control ."

he is right . people think money and sex is the key to feeling powerful , psh . being in control of your own actions . . . that gives the biggest fulfillment . you know that feeling when you dont reeeally wanna do something, but you re tempted and cave in . how small do you feel after ? self control does not come over night, it takes time and practice . but once it's acquired, you feel your strongest .

yupp, that's what my dad told me today . smart man .


  1. that's my steve!!!! lol that was real DEEP

  2. See, how many men and women wished that they had the same exchanges with their father?