three ring .

excuse me, where are my peanuts ?
every time i go to the circus, someone's selling peanuts . so, WHERE ARE THEY ?

am i not living in a circus ? if im not, sure could've fooled me .

sometimes i feel like im sitting in the stands and watching people dive through flaming hoops for one another's attention . "monkeys" acting like coons because they saw it on a music video . gang banging is no longer a claiming of hoods ... it's a vengeance bath . you killed my brother, so now i kill yours . it's destined to never end, and now some lame little boys are trying to get 'put on' to look like they 'belong' . some of these 'gang bangers' and 'dope dealers' don't even come from a background of poverty . some of them definitely have loving, well-off families sittin' at home lol . nonetheless, the monkeys take center stage and shove shxt in each other's face .

then we have the tightrope folks . these ones ride the fine line of reality and materialism . they focus strictly on trying to obtain "$$"so that others can see them shine . they claim, "f*ck b*tches, get money" to PRETEND that emotion is 'beneath them' . what's really beneath them , you ask ? the poverty stricken, violent, deteriorating, unglamorous, hurting world outside of their little 'bubble' . instead of enlightening themselves to the problems of people around them ... they turn their nose up on their tightrope and focus on themselves . they focus on the shallow . they're world consists of "bands, fashion week, shoes, sex, drugs, and the hype" . they're completely ignorant to the issues around them .

*sidebar attraction*: no one understands 'the elephants' . those HUGE things in the skimpy clothes . we always wonder why the 'doo doo's' need to try to make themselves as big as possible and wear the dumbest outfits . at hump Wednesday, i saw a girl with a belly top and her stomach hanging over . she paired that top with shorts that had her butt hanging out . i asked my friend, " Why did she have to do that ? I know she wants attention but it's finna be negative attention ." my friend, "'cause if she wore modest clothes, people would look right through her . i guess negative attention is better than no attention all all ." is it ?

ahh my favorite, the clowns . they're my favorite because they are the most complex . they'll catch their hair on fire, they'll strip their clothes, they'll kill themselves just go get a nod of approval from the crowd . they're constantly trying to find out what will make the crowd SMILE ... taking a picture that covers nothing but your nipples and posting it on facebook ? guys tryna be a 'player' because chivalry and virtue is taboo in society ? becoming 'bisexual' because it's a trend ? pretending to be eccentric & 'artsy' . we have seventeen year old girls smoking cigarettes and sayin, "i know . . . it's a nasty habit" . what are you, like 12 [lol] ? sixteen year olds messing with guys twenty year old men & having babies. the same girls who don't even know what a 'clitoris' is ? The sad part is, most of them don't even know that they're a joke . Everyday, they smear their facade on their face and walk out the door, praying to be popular . Unfortunately, they can't even see who's really in the stands ... people that simply shake their head and shed tears for their pitiful mentality .

i say all of this because ... i just want my damn peanuts .


  1. I know I'm a complete stranger & that you don't know me at all...but I just wanted to say that I think what you write is amazing! It really challenges people to think about what they do in everyday life :) It inspires me!
    Thanks x

  2. no no no ! thank you so much . i always love the support & comments :]

  3. How very profound, "where are my peanuts?"

    I've been trying to answer that question for a long time, unfortunately, with every step that I get closer, I take two steps back. Somebody find me the guy who stole my peanuts.

    I love your blog!


  4. this is realy true...i also get so confused when i saw people imitating others while they dont knw nething

    for u..
    u r a thinker...a wonderful writer...!!

    if u ever write a book ......m gonna buy it first!!u have special way of writing which clears ur point of view.....hatts off to u..

    2ndly the matter u write is so precise and effective....take a bow for this

    finally....m ur fan..!!

  5. thanks so much :] means so much !!

    @raisa: ill be sure to look at your blog love .

    @oddnumber: thanks for being such a loyal reader !! :)

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  7. i just remain loyal to myself....in return i used to listen from others"thnx for being loyal"

    sory if this sound complicated to u..m like this!!

  8. ....Citizen enjoy the circus....

  9. u said so for me?? if yes thats pretty strange
    (imfbo.i <3 it)