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"i was able to walk away with moments . which i guess is better than walking away with nothing ..." - drake .

i treated this like mama's good china . i wore my gloves to be gentle with this . i wouldn't let anyone else hold it (with the fear that they would steal it , or worse ...harm it) . i watched it grow into the most it could & we nurtured it till we thought it could fly from the nest . too soon . i threw it across the room a month ago . it bounced off of the love chair and luckily landed safely . BUT NOW, we both throw it . too often , testing it's boundaries ... testing its durability . we throw it across the passive, across the distance, across the late night parties . we took advantage of its stability . what i thought was 'mama's good china' is now some cheap vintage vase that doesn't match the decorum of your new room .

i hope we didn't create glass ceilings .

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