taste .

. . . for all of the people who know how they feel & cling to your faith in those feelings .

they say, "you should never let a man complete you" . mmm, can he start me ? in all honesty, the undying burning in my soul starts and ends with you my love . my mind is tip toeing around the memory of your essence , careful not to crush the passion-colored egg shells of our romance . but i never liked the light , balanced dance of a tip-toe . i'm more of a lambada type of girl & that started with you .

they say, "never give your heart away, they might break it" . i keep super glue in my handbag for emergencies . in contrast to the timid heart quotation above, a heart kept alone is malnourished in life . it never has the chance to grow tough skin . the beaming bliss of soaring in love is worth the pain if i fall to the ground . you can sign my affection-caused cast when i pick myself up to love again . a heart is priceless, and even though it is sometimes sold in the black market for cheap . . . its capabilities and its strength are often underestimated .

they say, "love is blind" . [smirk] , well i trust you to guide me . is that not love ? being able to close your eyes in life and trust that your counterpart will take your hand ? lead you through the adversity ? they say that people in love cannot see . they can, but they choose to close their eyes ... at least i do . the memory of you warms me in my coldest hour . the thought of us can bring the world to its knees .
"they" do not know you .

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