this is where souls get naked , all the clothes fall off .
college makes you bear & your facade get soft .
you go away from home feelin' good and brave ,
nine months down the line, my minds about to cave

in and no seems to remember your name
your interests, your life, your claim to fame .
who you were back home is a simple silhouette,
a shadow of your presence that everyone f o r g e t s .

your friends are off at school or providin for theirs ;
parents stuck with bills so you wonder who cares .
your warmest company is a frozen call greeting,
call your back home friends & they tell you 'girl, im sleepin' .

they dont mean no harm and neither do you
midterms in the morning and and papers to do .
SO you mold your life at college to 'A priority',
simply. someone discontinued your hometown glory .


this is the feeling of ALOT of college students . i keep on hearing about this anxiety we all have about self-actualization . when you go away to college, its a great experience and you get a lot of first time opportunities . however, it can make you feel like no one really remembers who you are . friends that went away to school are busy doin their thing & family is back home tryna keep their lives stable . sure, they still love you and they miss you ... but it makes you sit back and wonder sometimes , "is anyone just thinking about me? wondering if im still alive?" SO at this time, if you have a friend away at college ... send a text or call them saying that youre thinking about them :]

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