public service announcement .

let me explain my perspective

i am an African American (creole/Haitian heritage) girl that was born and raised in Pasadena, California . My life was squeaky clean & sparkly for fifteen years . When i was fifteen, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer . 10 months later, my mother passed from breast cancer . I visit the doctor all the time to acknowledge 'early prevention' . my life revolves around my mother's death but i have no regrets about God's decision because it made me into the person i needed to become . However, i also have some responsibilities to watch over my own health . PERSPECTIVE #1 ^ .

i am smart . not extraordinarily brilliant or anti-social smart , but i know some things . i know how good God can be . i know what love is . i know what principles i strive to live for everyday . i know that some of the dumbest people are the most educated . PERSPECTIVE #2 ^

I know writing . please understand me . im not saying that i know 'how' to write and im not saying that i am the pinnacle of 'great writing'. i said, "I know writing" . Writing is about perspective and meaning . I know that God gave me a perspective, a voice, experiences and meaning . Writing is my little beach in Fiji with a hammock and sunset , because it allows me to escape & release ... and its all from my perspective . SO, until you have lived my life or experienced MY perspective ... please do not tell me (or anyone else for that matter) how to post . not on my safe haven . if there is something you do not like, or feel offended by ... i apologize (those are not my intentions) . & i always encourage comments and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM . But dont feel obligated to visit my blog either because i stand by my statement at the end of this page .

thank you (:

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