a helping hand .

jesus called him forward .
peter hopped over the boat in the midst of the dangerous water. Yes, the dangerous water was eager to inhale his body at any moment . Peter kept his focus on Jesus and behold, he walked on water . Peter's nerves began to kick in and he looked down . The wind was strong and everything that [could] go wrong leaked into his mind like water from a busted pipe . He looked at his feet that were amputated by the ice water and slowly, the rest of his body began to sink as well . Suddenly, he felt a hand that pulled him above the waves .

It's pretty simple . When Jesus is not involved, things go wrong . When you have lost focus on God, things fall apart . See, you may say that things go wrong when he's in your life . But if you know anything, you know that adversity works itself out when Jesus in involved . When God is involved, you can sit back and watch things get better, as opposed to running around in a frantic state .the true faith in God is saying that he's awesome even before he solves your problems . God is Good .

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