10 little somethings .

1. i have absolutely nothing against weaves . i think they are a great idea if you can keep them managed . if not, keep it natural . its a greater disappointment to have a bird's nest on your head than to have shorter hair , trust me .

2. "Let's Talk About Pep" is my newest TV show addiction . A show about desperate, single, cougars in NY ? come on lol . it's a reminder every monday of who i dont wanna be , lmbo .

3. Omarion's CD flopped . sad .

4. i just found out today that people on the east coast were on the airbrush, name belts, and mall pictures just like the west coast was . lol

5. Ryan Leslie is still one of the most talented guys in music . Im tired of people jumping on the bandwagon YEARS later , smh .

6. Three musical talents to check out/look out for in LA: Overdoz , Karen Flores, & Somewhere Else . <>passionate about music .

7. im so sick of this 'alternative lifestyle' phenomenon [blog coming soon]

8. RED lipstick is not for everyone .

9. Burt's Bees lip balm or Carmex lip balm ?

10. oh, i hate when girls call me 'boo' . just keep that in mind for future reference . it sounds condescending and just a tad bit gay .

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