tails .

**flash .

i told him that i was only half way fulfilled without him . i told him that life was a glass half empty . . . without him . since that august day, the world was blurring and i could only see his face, but that's the way i liked it . a best friend, a person to fill the gaps between my fingers with theirs, a love strong enough to pick me up and place me on the tenth cloud ... that's the way i liked it . hot sensation on my face, neck, and back ... the weathers irrelevant, simply our love stayed on track .

i could spend my remaining breaths explaining this joy . he gave me his heart so i ran and hid, it'd take a lifetime to get it ... yes, i know what i did . i kept it somewhere safe where the world cannot harm it, but it's healthy and wrapped in love , yes i made sure to warm it . this joy, so intricate that i don't want to examine too long . i grasped his soul, kept holding on . i want to bathe in this love's beauty until it sinks in the skin , i knew we couldn't lose ... the only option was to win .

-- things can go either way depending on God's dosage in a situation .

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