The ______ States of America

Obama's State of the Union Address took place last night on every channel imaginable .

& i have a few things to say:

Obama is a an impressive president . he was MAN enough to inherit the country in one of its worst economic & national safety eras . When i say he was "man enough" i dont mean he ran for president . I mean he was "man enough" to not only become the president, but also try to promote change ! I firmly believe that John McCain would have put on his rose-colored glasses and let the country plummet into a black hole of deeper debt and disaster . The republicans have a history of looking out for number one (themselves) and turning their back on the little people (ex. Nixon, Bush & Reagan) .

Barack is also one of our first personable presidents . I dont know about you, but it's nice to see a living, breathing president for a change . Bush was a puppet with his father's hand up his ... anus lol . Barack thinks for himself ... he jokes, he's witty, he's smart, he smiles, he can relate to my cynicism of the government and he's passionate about the potential of the country . I love having a president that has not given up on America . I can also appreciate that he is honest about the current state that we are in (economic wise & military wise) . He admitted that he promised to get us out of Iraq and unlike his predecessor, he is not scared to have a set goal for that day . I can also respect him putting pressure on the congress & lobbyist , instead of being politically correct .

A lot of Christians have a problem with Barack because of some of his left wing stances on moral issues . Im not going to lie, that is a very important issue and it is a reason to be concerned . However, I am not willing to lose my house, my health care, and my family's safety just because John McCain "claimed" to be a conservative . Being a Christian is very important, but Bush claimed to be a Christian and he was still willing to sell the well being of this country in exchange for his own gain . I can at least feel comfortable knowing that Obama cares about me (instead of going golfing while the people in New Orleans were drowning in their own feces and disease..cough, cough BUSH) . Obama promotes unity, honesty, dignity, hope and justice ... are those things not of the Christian morale ? hmm .

Lastly, did you see him shout out Michelle ? BOW ! that man is so suave lol . the cutest couple ever !! :)

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