if walls could talk ...

look .

I'm not supposed to be talking . it breaks rule #152 of 'the wall handbook' . . .

but this guy is despicable . i don't like to meddle in people's business so i never speak . but this nigga is triflin' . someone has to let you in on the situation :

he cheats . ALL THE TIME . short ones, tall ones, big ones, small ones . he doesn't call like he used to . . . because he cheats . doesnt care like he used to . . . because he cheats .& i know that men cheat all the time and i bet you're wondering , "why break the rules and tell lil 'ole me ?" . welp, we're kinda similar... me and you . you stand firm , like me . you stand firm in your belief in this guy and he tears you down anyway . you're sturdy and there for him through all weather, situation, and circumstance ... and yet, he takes advantage of the situation and knocks you down . yes . we're alike . he paints over me to hide the stains and blemishes . he does the same thing to you . he creates this facade over you without you having the slightest idea about the blemishes in your relationship . i know you had some intuition, but couldn't comprehend somethin' like this . i know you had some gut feeling, but couldnt put your finger on it . i know . but he cheats . & i didnt wanna say nothin' . i tried to turn my back to the situation (figuratively speaking of course), but after he had her pressed up against me with her thigh in his hand (and well . . . you know the rest . . . ) i felt compelled to let you know . fall, tumble & crumble on em ...just like a wall should . he deserves it .

ladies, please let me be your wall . trust your intuition in a situation . don't be crazy, snoopy, or delusional ... but trust your good sense . i know way too many girls that are in denial about their situation . way too many . be real with yourself . you'd be surprised what is underneath the curtains of a situation . listen to the wall .


  1. Your writing has improved tremendously...I check the blog almost everyday and recently you have been killin your post everything is on point much respect.

    -Mr. Ivee

  2. aww thanks so much . im slowing down my posts these days to improve the quality (:

  3. I'm really feeling that metaphor. deep.