in our blood .

let's talk about black .

Yesterday, i thought i was going to Morehouse to see a movie about A.D. King (Martin Luther King Jr.'s brother) . Little did i know, it was a ceremony that acknowledged Mr. King's contribution to America . Little did i know, the King family was there ! Nigerian government officials, congressmen, legislators and civil rights activists came to the microphone with nostalgia in their eyes ... nostalgic memories pouring from their eyes and running down their cheeks .

Then it got me to thinking about how ungrateful my generation is . All we aspire to be in life are strung out celebrities, filthy rich, and simple . There are so many things that we can do to keep people pushing forward . A.D. King's daughter said that she was arrested as a child during the civil rights movement . Can you imagine being able to say that you stood up for injustice in America ? Can you imagine saying that you fought in the courtrooms so your whole race could be given more respect ? Can you imagine Barack Obama telling you that his presidency is owed to your work in the movement ?

Martin Luther King Jr. and his associates marched so we could have any friends we wanted . And yet, we still isolate ourselves and marginalize any other race around us . People went to jail so we could be in the same public places with Whites . And yet, we are loud and obnoxious in movie theatres and restaurants . . . decreasing the worth of our presence . People's houses were bombed so we could get an education, and yet we cant even get to school . People died so we could have a say so in this nation, in the WORLD and yet Black People could care less about its well being . People lost their family so we could love ourselves . And yet, we have rubbed self-hatred on our arms . . . resenting each other for our dark or light skin . We cant be "Black", we have to be claimed as 'mixed' . [literally shaking my head]

my generation . My poor, misguided, dollar signs in our eyes, lowly generation . . . please wake up . there is still plenty of time to open your eyes , take advantage of it .

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