#yawn .

We could be reading books or magazines ? we could write stories . we could go shopping or we could cook . we could take up dancing lessons or go to bible study . perhaps we could go outside and sketch the scene . maybe we could juggle jobs and try to make some green, smoke green ? whatever . i could do my school work ? you could start a non-profit ? we could save the world . i could take up knitting or breed turtles in a huge bath tub in my backyard . PLEASE ! we can do anything but talk about boys .

I'm so tired of talking about men like they're the oxygen to life's lungs . i am officially done caring about who played who , what he said, where you saw him, who had sex with who, who he cheated with, the games he's playing, how wack his girl is, who he punched, or how he lost a good thing . AYE, whooooo cares ? lmbo . clearly not me . boys are only boys . Either way, whooooo cares ? there are so many other things to be concerned about ... not weak men who dont even deserve the energy .