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First off, every one's college experience is different depending on their location, personality, interests, beliefs and even appearance. For example, if you go to college in California as opposed to Atlanta, District of Columbia, Virginia, or New York, your experience is going to be completely different. If you are outgoing and heavily involved in college, your experience is different from the kid who is hidden behind a stack of books in the library every Friday night. If you are considered "physically attractive" to a majority of men and women [although i have some inhibitions about 'pretty' and ugly'], your experience is going to reflect that. I say all of this to explain that i cannot speak for everyone, but i can definitely speak on me.

To be plain, if your college is not changing you for the better, or at all ... then transfer. Living in Atlanta, i have seen and heard so many crazy, funny, life-changing, dynamic things and i wouldn't change my experiences for the world. More importantly, living 3,000 miles away from home has made me independent in so many ways: responsibility-wise, career-wise, and relationship-wise. Contrary to popular belief... hell, contrary to my OWN popular belief, there are a lot of attractive, ambitious, interesting Black men at "The House" and Clark Atlanta. It's kind of refreshing to see a guy with full tattoo sleeves in the library studying in the same room with a young man in his business suit, writing papers. Living in the AUC (Atlanta University Center) snaps your preconceived notions of Black men in half.

A lot of people feel a certain way about dating in college. I would definitely recommend it. It is truly a learning experience to find out how awesome and/or not-so-awesome people can be. Dating in high school is usually. . . a joke. People in high school are hardly fully developed -if you were as mature as you were gunna get at the age of 17 ... then that's problematic in itself lol- and dating in college opens your eyes to the kind of mate that you're looking for. Now don't get me wrong, college does not equate with maturity. I have met men that probably won't grasp the concept of a real relationship until they're sitting in a retirement home somewhere in Miami. Nevertheless, college (especially here) has some very interesting people that you never thought you could be attracted to.

A lot of people meet their soul mates while they're in college. That is not a coincidence. In high school, it is merely a melting pot of people who hardly have any common interests with you. As a matter of fact, the only reason why you're both there is because the state placed you in that school (for public school students). [Don't get me wrong, i met my sisters in HS and they're awesome]. In college, however, people have a lot of common interests such as career goals, majors, ideas about ethnicity,religion, etc. In my atmosphere, i meet people from New York, Jersey, Philly, Houston, LA, Miami, Baltimore, and Atlanta. Sure, some are very aggressive, some are arrogant, some are artistic, & some are straight up weirdos (cough cough DC, lol) ...but at the end of the day, these same people can alter your whole definition of 'chemistry' and 'connection'. I have to be honest, i don't know too much about 'fish', but i do know that there are PLENTY OF MEN in the sea of college :]

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