eager & elderly .

some may think me strange and a tad bit odd
so, feel free to uncomfortably smile and nod .
i cant wait until i blow out my birthday cake.
ill take a deep breath and exhale on the candles ... all 68 .

yeah that's right, that'll be my year
the one that's dreaded and provokes folk's fear .
people sleep on 68 'cause of bad hips and awkward stares
but you can say things to people that (before) you wouldn't dare !

i can be rude to adults and SCARE little kids,
& they can't say a word because i paid my bid .
my age and my 'wisdom' will make it all worth while .
ill call it seniority, & they'll call me senile .

but i don't care, cause ill be fly
on some random nude beach with SAGGY SKIN FRIED .
ill rock jogging suits with "HOT MAMA" on the back
with my cute running shoes and my shades to match .

ill bungee jump and dive from planes .
on my harley davidson, ill pass the old lames with their walkers and canes .
vitally, ill be at complete peace with life .
ill simply laugh at the pain, heartbreak and strife .

68 will be my year .
[... well as long as my kids dont try to put me into a home >:0]


  1. awsome...nice point of view..

    actually its a very common thing around everyone
    but nobody thinks about this like u did..

    now i must ask "whats ur age miss?"