If this is 'beauty' then you can keep it .


Many people across the country saw the season premier of "The Hills" tonight on MTV . [BTW, Before i lose all of my male readers, you might want to consider this topic as one to address with your little sisters, girlfriends, and/or future daughters]. For many years, we watched the sweet, confident, Colorado-native Heidi Montag transform under the spotlight of Hollywood. While this show has been a cultural phenomenon, no one ever stopped to ask how this public scrutiny and limelight could affect their stars . Heidi came into the spotlight of The Hills at the tender age of nineteen years old . Throughout a mere four years living in Hollywood, Heidi changed drastically.

bleaching of blond hair, overlooked . Nose job number one . overlooked . boob job number one . overlooked . nose job number two, boob job number two, eyebrow lift, ear pinning, jaw shaving, cheek injections, lip injections, back shaving, butt enhancement, and lipo in the legs . . . who created this monster ? What made Heidi Montag change from the spunky young girl in jean shorts into the busty barbie in louboutins ? People want to blame Heidi's own insecurities, and as "convenient" as that solution is, there is possibly a greater villain at large here .

There is a problem with the perception of beauty in America. Instead of a "come as you are" method of acceptance in our society, we are sucked in by a new slogan: "come as you are, but it's not good enough." Ever since the age of nineteen, Heidi has been criticized for her appearance by millions of people. To cope with the competitiveness of "sexy" in Hollywood as well as the demands of her viewers, the star felt compelled to mold her body into a new person.
When i saw her mother breakdown, i wanted to cry. FOREAL . She didn't even recognize her daughter anymore... externally or internally. Hearing your daughter say, "I wanted bigger boobs, but they said they [the silicon] wouldn't fit in" is traumatizing ... especially when they left your household with so much confidence. Hollywood is simply the criptonite to confidence . Other stars like Stephanie Pratt even admitted to battles with Bulimia. Unfortunately, California is not the only place that places these excruciatingly high standards of "beauty" on women. Music videos, magazines, reality shows, and advertisement are chopping into the souls of so many young girls . I ask women to reject these unhealthy, drastic notions of "beauty" and i ask men to have these perception discussions with young girls in their lives. Tell them that they are beautiful ... AS IS .


  1. Ok I totally agree that we should not put so much emphasis on outer beauty but lets face it she looks tons better!

  2. she looks like a martian . she cant even cry because her eyebrows dont move ! =/

  3. Whoa. That is... pretty scary. The very 'depth' of their shallowness, it scares me. The fact that beauty has a template is a cause for universal concern
    Great post there, Vivi... Hoping to see more of these...

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  4. I totally agree. hollywood standard of beauty is absolutely ridiculous and its affecting females of all ages. My 3 year old niece asked me to flat iron her hair the other day and she once said 'i want to be skinny like you when i get big'.. it broke my heart.. I agree we need to all do our part in embracing all women (as you said) AS IS!

    oh and i have to disagree with the first comment.. she looks plastic! thats not a good thing! i always thought heidi was pretty, now shes scary looking