music mistress .

Isn't it crazy how music can make you feel ? the melodies of songs seem to melt in my ears and drip down into my soul . these chimes and tunes are made of wax and they always harden once they hit me . with my earphones on, i tune out the world & find a calm . isn't it crazy how problems can dissolve when you hear a good song ? a calming of a storm : rain . tears . thunder . screams . wind . circumstance ; a good song can be a fresh sun after a stale day .

It's crazy how a good song can make me dance without moving a single limb . when i press play on a Ryan Leslie song, i feel like my organs are having a party inside of my body . Kanye's "Say You Will" makes me feel like I'm plugged into the feelings of a heartbroken boy . "Melodies from Heaven" gives me a natural high that breaks the boundaries of logic . a good Prince song ...psh, you already know . From John Mayer, to Lupe Fiasco, to Miguel, to Luther Vandross, to Erykah & Lauryn, to Andre 3000, to Chester French, to Trey Songz ... a good song can make me melt .

Music is extraordinary because it mixes emotion, wit, thoughts, feelings, and art into a ribbon wrapped package . what's even more special is that each package means something new to everyone . when I'm blasting music in my car, bobbing my head, pretending to play the drums, and singing all the words ... don't judge lol . that feeling is simply the best :]

just a thought .

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