the light .

"I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. " Psalms 34:1

i tried to count my blessings today and i lost count . God is too good to ignore, deny, or put on the back burner of our life . honestly . sometimes we are so consumed in our problems that we cannot allow ourselves to completely trust God . i think it's pretty arrogant for us to believe that we "know" best about our situations . God knows all . I find it even more arrogant that we think it's ALL ABOUT US . in actuality, our priorities should be of GOD .

i just think that we are so worried about what the world thinks, when it has done absolutely nothing for us . the world is a cold place and you will learn that it's acceptance is worth less than nothing . SMH . i get down with erykah badu's video because of her speech at the end . we all think that we are so "unique" and "different" ... but the truth is, we spend our lives searching for groups to camouflage into because being an individual is way too uncomfortable for us .

the ultimate individual ... (before the Erykah Badu's, Amber Rose's, Andre 3000's, and supposed "trendsetters"at your school) ... was Jesus . He was ridiculed and persecuted for being an individual ... he was ridiculed and persecuted for us . Yet and still we procrastinate when it comes to making God a priority . we're self-centered enough to believe that we'll live to see age 80 ...when plenty of folks my age are dying everyday .

I just wanna thank God for everything ... I'm truly overflowing with gratefulness :)