♥ signed a giddy girl .

i peak through your blinds of phrases and metaphors to see you .
your words give me peace in my war of confusion & collision . you see, i admire you. so generous, giving me the present of hope in love ... gift wrapped in a bow and ribbon . i see the illusions in your eyes and the similes in your smile . i cant help but want to know more . your warm words comfort my cold . you're deep, hell . . . i just wanna swim in your contemplation .

my binoculars see past your outer design, believe me ! my lenses only see your thoughts, your enlightenment, your 'it factor' from afar . ha , couldn't say something like that with a straight face . your outer 'easy on the eye' glistens just as much as the beauty within . but what's wrong with that ? i don't care about diamonds and things gold-plated . i just wanna hold your thoughts, your ideals, debate it .

i don't know you like that , don't care if i do . my heart is still tied into knots & twisted like a maze ... out of order . but honestly, im crushing on your perspectives & im smitten by your romance-painted mind . i would have NO PLACE in your heart, for writing is your muse . . . i'd merely be a mistress . but i don't wanna take the risk of falling for your fairy tale words, so ill just peak through your blinds of phrases and metaphors to see you & blush .

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