-the right thing-

"i still remember those cashmere eyes, that gaze so soft against my cheek . the gaze on nights when the moon would reflect off of your marble-like skin . yes, i still remember . Yet, i still remember how you put my joy in the state of intermission ."

i always said i wanted someone that had an actual connection with my soul . i wanted someone that "got me" : my sense of humor, my intelligence, my drive . it's crazy how you ask God for something, and when you get it ... you realize that you needed a bit more . there's this nauseating feeling when this happens, like you're being a brat at Christmas because your parents got you the wrong Cabbage Patch Kid -[even though you never told them which kind to get] -. Nevertheless, these instances are God's way of giving lessons . We think we know what we need SO BADLY and God shows us what's real .

A connection with my soul : what does that even mean ? well, i neglected a huge part of my soul ... and that would be the space occupying God . to connect and grow with me, means to connect and grow in God as well . I may stumble, but something is comforting about a strong presence to help me get up & back on track . A man who not only respects my lifestyle, but encourages it . support paints resilience in a person and that's a vital part of 'the connection' . something is sexy about a guy who is firm in his beliefs . similarly, my morals & values are not in play-dough form either .

& to be honest, i don't worry about "burning bridges" . there's no point worrying about bridges when they weren't going in the direction you wanted ... remember that .


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  2. You have a really unique way of looking at things. It is interesting to read. :)