release .

and then . . .
the champagne-colored clouds parted & he stared at the gates of heaven . he smiled and tested his first foot forward ...he felt a tingle as his toes pressed the solid surface of salvation . taking a deep breath of the jasmine and Lincoln rose-stained air .

he smiled and took his second step forward ... another step towards the smooth, sweet pillars and opening . he looked at his hands and their was no skin nor shade; only an outline of what used to be his body . what would normally be melanin was filled with his childhood memories with Courtney, his mother . with her hair swinging past the back of her knees, she smiled that tangy, sweet smile that he could never abandon in his mind .

he smiled. he took another step towards the sun dipped gates, looking forward to seeing her again . he looked below his footsteps to the world underneath . his feet were muddy with the trails of trials, pain, hardship, stigma, and confusion . without a second moment for consideration, he lifted his feet one by one and blew as hard as he could ... flying the mud back into the abyss below .

none of that mattered now . . . he was home .

-- and it would be nice if you, mom, and grandma could join together & watch over Dad . He's my heart .

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