ureka .

"Why go to an HBCU [Historically Black College and University] ? it's not the 'real world' ."

i laughed . what is the real world ? is a suburb of Los Angeles not the "real world" ? is a small town in Kentucky not the "real world" ? what about the fast pace, materialistic cities of New York and Hollywood ? are those places not the "real world" ? What about Morman towns ? A village in Venezuela ? the real world is wherever people are eating, sleeping, thinking, praying, breathing, loving, stealing, lying, learning and living . In all actuality, Spelman is the realest place that i could be because i am forced to evaluate myself beyond my race and/or gender . i am forced to take an in depth look at my soul and spirit . i am forced to realize that when i enter a room, my race enters with me .

"HBCU's will make you into some black supremacist ."

i laughed . an activist for social equality and peace ? yes . a supremacist ... no . If loving where i come from is frowned upon then that's fine . frowning requires more energy than smiling anyway . At my HBCU, i am free to discuss race, gender, and class issues (PASSIONATELY) without being scrutinized for it . in the same breath, i am not CONSTANTLY worrying about 'proving my blackness'. Instead of having to join a BSU (black student union) on campus or naturally marginalize myself with all of the Blacks in my year, i am forced to choose friends strictly based on inner personality, values and interests .

"HBCU's lack diversity ."

i laughed . ATTENTION WORLD: i do not live in a snow globe . i don't hit a glass wall when i try to leave my historically Black college, smh . Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Emory are minutes away from my campus . i see other races all of the time, not to mention there are foreign exchange students from all corners of the world who come to study at my school . i am not handicapped by being around Black people . Professionalism is NOT about race ...it's about class and maturity . only an idiot would walk into a corporate meeting and ask the VP to 'dougie' in the board room lmbo . come onnnn "/ . I still have plenty of White, Latino, Armenian, and Asian friends ... and i haven't changed ... being myself doesn't take four years of "college training" to do .

"HBCU's hinder career opportunities ."

LAUGH . Corporations come from all over the country to find young, ambitious students at Spelman, Morehouse, Howard, Hampton and Clark Atlanta . Investment banks, Apple, Google, department Store executives, fashion agencies, businesses and many graduate schools come to HBCU's for their next executives. With Spelman and Howard constantly fighting for the number one HBCU spot in the nation . Legacy like Zora Neale Hurston, Martin Luther King Jr, and Spike Lee....there's a reason why people peep into the HBCU gates . . . we deliver .

"Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. " - Martin Luther King Jr.