signed, your insomnia inamorata.

i love you, yet I'm deprived of your presence . still, my thoughts are tied up in you and like a hostage, they can't escape . i hear the whispers about you . i hear the screams . mm, i hope the rumors are true .

i hope you can hang with my eminence baby, cause your chick in that blue toga can't HOLD A LIGHT to me . you're a hot commodity & word is you've been askin' for me . like a lip gloss tint, you can make me shine & glow .

you're body is an art piece, tatted up and drenched in soul . i want you as my rococo lover . this fiance with five hearts , i want to know em all .
sometimes you can be cold, but the heat makes me forget . you're so complex . i don't even wanna scrape the glitter from the gravel . i just want all of you , someday .

i know YOU HAVE A KID, so what ... who wouldn't want to be a stepmom to Hip Hop ? turning my tables on in your chivalrous suggestion . that's what you are .
the belly of the beast and the sensual that satisfies .
dip me in and call me hooked , ill be your anything .

So, i had a talk with my professor about my future writing pursuits. She looked at me and said, "New York , Go. I can already see you there now, you would love it ." hmmmm ?

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