throw your hands in the air .

1. who are these geeks pumping out all the facebook fan pages ... that know EXACTLY where im coming from all the time ? lol .

2. where do all of the missing socks go ?

3. did anyone else want to cry when they saw how terrible Heidi [from "the hills"] looked in that MTV commercial ? =(

4. is it REALLY better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission ?

5. what is ryan leslie saying in "gibberish" ? he's sayin something, i can tell !! lol .

6. movies like love&basketball, the notebook, dear john ... is that really possible ?

7. what came first, the chicken or the egg ? [no, seriously]

8. who's really awesome-er ? kobe or lebron ?

9. what is more important ? national security or civil rights ?

10. does anyone SERIOUSLY think that gucci, souljah boy, or gudda gudda are exceptional rappers ? anyone ?

11. does real love withstand over time or can it evaporate ?

12. when is someone gunna tell Genuwine to stop dancing in his music videos ? ... finna knock his hip outta socket , smh .

13. Why does everyone sleep on Chrisette Michelle, J.Cole, Miguel and Jazmine sullivan ?

14. if Obama had a white wife, would he be president ? if he was dark skinned, would he be president ? [2 for 1 question lol]

15. who shot 2PAC & JFK ?

16. why are girls so jealous ? why waste time being intimidated ? psh . embrace your glamorous . forrrreal ;)

17. what was the right thing in "do the right thing" ? huh spike ?!

18. how awkward is it too walk into a bathroom while someone is pooping and you know they're done but they're waiting on you to leave so they wont be embarrassed when they come out of the stall ? lmfbo .

19. how is my generation gunna turn out ? will we be wrinkly and tatted, jerkin & dougie'n ? =X

20. how different would things be if we HONESTLY didn't care what people thought or had to say about us ? [dont lie, we all care to a certain extent]

21. God, can you bring some peace soon please ? im bored with the drama ...


  1. 19. I was just thinking about that. LOL when we get old, its gonna be hard to explain why almost every grandma has a tattoo on her lower back, and what the heck we were thinking when we allowed "jerkin" to actually be considered a dance lol.

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