corpulent conduct .

Our bodies & our "spiritual bodies" are very similar when it comes to nutrition .

What you put into it will surely produce results .

Some lives are filled with "junk food" . all we stuff into our "spiritual bodies" are materialism, lies (either to others or ourselves), promiscuity, gossip, hating, over ambition, deceit and distractions . Our lives suffer the consequences because of what we feed it . before we know it, our lives are unhealthy and shutting down . it happens just like a body does ...one organ fails, then another, then ANOTHER: we lose focus in life, our mindset is negative, relationships fall apart, & people treat us differently, ...sooner or later, all the aspects of the bigger picture are destroyed and we wonder where we went wrong .

Some people want to take the quick approach and "liposuction their life" into the right place . instead of focusing their lives on God, we turn to quick fixes to solve our problems ... alcohol, drugs, & sex that create pleasure for the time being & a sense of hollowness afterward. We feel guilt . We let all of the junk in our life prohibit us from turning around and being healthy . Sometime we feel like it's too late . Then slowly but surely, that tummy-tuck life alter leaves us unhealthy again . &/Or we are left with excess skin & scars ...proclaiming to the world that something didn't work out like we originally planned .

Some people are in denial about their disintegrating "bodies" . On the outside, everything looks perfect and society tells us that we're "badddd" . so, we believe them . If we look healthy from the outer perspective, then everything on the inside has to be . Gorgeous, thin people have heart attacks, get diabetes, or liver failure too . Just because they have a slim body does not mean that they are taking care of themselves nutritionally. Similarly, SPIRITUAL BODIES are the same way. Kanye said, "the prettiest people do the ugliest things" . Just because we "seem" like our lives are beautiful and perfect on the outside, does not mean that the unhealthy things inside cannot do damage .

We need to be real with ourselves about how much societal junk we consume =/ .
It's never too late to insert God into our diet .

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  1. Well said. I feel that sometimes in life we all just get so consumed in what is not even important, myself included, and forget about the real elements of life. I think its good and important to take a step back and think about the direction we are heading in every now and then. Sometimes change is good. :)