to whom it may concern ,

you . yes you ,
i want to breathe you in like christmas morning air . i want your 'you' to sink into my skin like ink . pierce my eyes with your soul and hold a mirror to mine . my window will reflect yours . there's only room for three in my heart's lover lounge ... me, you & the creator .

baby, four's company .
you are free to dream with me . im not a killer, so never fear . i want to nurture your ambition, my dear . ill feed & nourish until it crawls, walks, runs & then flies into the life that we will make for ourselves . ill saturate you with support until it pours out of your pores . you just have to dive into my math . two minus one equals nothing, one plus one equals everything . you just have to reciprocate what i give to you : honesty, love, respect & spirit .

i need you to unchain your mind from the bike rack bondage of limitations and ride with me into the world of individualism . give a peace sign up [with your index finger down] to what people have to say about us . the real winner of a game, is the one who doesn't need games altogether . yes, im nineteen, but my mind is bored with the insecurities of the public . im tired of being told what's "realistic" out of love . that "men are only capable of X.Y &Z" . that persistence and hope doesn't pay off . that my standards are "not practical". who ever aspired for 'practical love' anyway ? im tired of being told that my age is the handicap of my ability to love & be loved . clearly, my heart went over my head some time ago .

i don't know if i have already met you, dated you, passed you on the street, or let you borrow my pencils . maybe we have yet to meet . i lend myself to the opportunities of the world around me . but im peaking behind blinds of 'what if's' and sighs to see you from afar . i'm your hypothetical, hopeful, secret admirer . . .

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