it all depends .

you gave me yellow tulips and the contrast was cool with your ink sleeves .

in between the swirls of images that sunk into your skin, their was room for me . i didn't want to press a needle to pierce flesh . instead, i just wanted to leave my maroon mark where it would last . where you would have me settle in .

pages of green make libraries in your high-priced pockets . i blushed when you asked, "do you want anything else ?" i loved how your jumpy laugh bounced off of your Nikes & rolled across to meet me half way . i scooped the joy from the air, tasted the sweet & saved some for later .

we bent the rules into origami and place them on the tables of 'have nots' . we crumbled limitations and threw it out of the window . we tried to avoid littering tickets . we tried not to let the reds and blues leak into the light on dashboards of cars . time does not apply for those who do not wait . space is non-existent to those who break the ceilings .

kiss kiss . ching ching . pow pow . cheating death to live ?

inspired by: you & erykah badu - other side of the game

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