Can I Talk My Shxt Again?

Hello, out there! 
I want take this time to thank all of the Vivi’s Humanity Expanse readers and supporters. I started this blog as a simple outlet to express myself and “release” my frustrations with society. I had no idea that my blog would impact so many people and generate consistent readers. I received so many inspiring Facebook messages, emails, and tweets. To put it simply, that’s awesome. I love writing and now I am making a transition.

I am launching a new blog! It will be bigger, bolder, doper and hopefully worth the wait. My new blog will have wider subject matter and feature some fantastic, contributing writers as well! I can’t wait to show you all what’s in store. My new blog will be launched on January 25th, 2013 and it only seems fitting that I would post the link on this page. I really hope you all will pack up your cyber luggage and move over to my new site. We’d love to have you!

All My Love,
Stevi Darden, Creator of Steviwonderwoman.blogspot.com

If you think you have something awesome to share (articles, blog topics, photos or web design skills) please contact us at wondaaawoman2012@gmail.com.


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