"the lunch date" - a short story .

I brushed my dress nervously as she walked up to me , smiling . her hair was honey blond with curls that suspended above her shoulders . her grin extended from one ear to the other, but it looked kind of unfamiliar to me - like a childhood toy filled with blurry memories . nevertheless, i felt warmth inside and a brush of comfort came over me . she threw her hand out for a firm handshake and i laughed . i pushed her hand away and threw my arms around her in a hug that i assumed ... freaked her out . but she laughed too , thank God .

We met at her favorite restaurant- at the time - a little 'whole in the wall' place called 'Pie and Burger' . She'd eventually outgrow it when she starts paying her own bill and realizes how overpriced it is . For now, all my lunch guest could see was the quaint, humble mom&pop restaurant . Light from the sun peeped in through the windows and lit the room in all of the right places . wooden countertops stretched throughout the walls with red, shiny stools to accompany them . While i sat my purse down, she proceeded to shoot out her questions, "How's Spelman? Was it the right choice?" she tapped her un-manicured fingernails against the table and waited for my answer anxiously . "Go to Spelman," i said while overlooking my menu .

"What can i get you ladies?" said the waitress as she prepared her notepad and pencil . She looked up and froze while her eyes darted back and forth between me and my lunch guest . "May i have an order of fries, two cheeseburgers with no onions and two Sprites?" i said with ease . The waitress began to jot down my words slowly . i ordered for my guest and felt rude . i looked at her with uncertainty, but she laughed , "it's cool ." She eyed my wrist and fingers, grinning . "What did Dad say about that ?" i laughed and as i opened my mouth to answer, i noticed the waitress was still stuck in her comfortable, dumbfounded stance . "Thank you," i said to the woman as she smiled politely and walked away staring back at our table .

i turned back to my conversation . "He survived ," i said as i rubbed my tattoos nostalgically .
we waited a moment, staring at each other . Me, out of remembrance and peace . Her, out of curiosity and a bit of naivete . The waitress brought our our drinks ;

"So, you have a boyfriend?" i suggested as i calculated months in my head .
"Do I?" she asked slyly, smirking . i laughed, spitting my soda onto the red and white, checkered table cloth .
She laughed playfully, "We're broken up right now, but I'm still cool with him."
"Oh," i said plainly .
"Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked half-hearted. She knew i wouldn't answer that question.

i frowned, and as i opened my mouth, the waitress brought our food to the table . i threw a fry in my mouth and inhaled to cool it down .

My lunch guest stared hard into my eyes, " ... i know you don't wanna say too much, but please ... tell me something ." she looked defeated .
i waited and took a bite of my cheeseburger . i thought while i chewed,

"You're gunna be okay at the end of the day . I know there's only ... about ... a two year difference in age, but so much has happened in between . I don't know what's going to happen in my future, but i know that I'm covered . You're covered . I'm not going to tell you 'who to meet', 'who to avoid' or 'what street to stay away from' . That's a waste of time because those are all necessary experiences and i wouldn't take a centimeter of it back . But i will say this: Stay true to your integrity and never feel like less of a woman for standing up for what you believe in . Someone will truly appreciate that someday . Always feel comfort in the fact that God has you covered if you trust in him ."

She smiled, nodded and sipped her drink, "Well ... is Kanye still our favorite rapper ?"
i laughed, "here" i slid the tray toward her, "have a fry."

- if you could go back in time and have lunch with yourself , what would you say ?


  1. I would tell myself to marry that mexican girl named marah, she was in love with me but i just wasn't in the same mind fram that i'm in now maybe cause i didn't know how to love at that time, but i did like her. I wish i had went for it, when i think about it, now that i'm typing this i have big regart.

  2. sorry i meant regret

  3. thats a very interesting perspective to say the least . most people are scared of the word "regret" ...

  4. Stevi D. :)