crossroads .

im often accused of being insensitive at times .
& i agree . there are times when i am cold . However, i believe i am justified in my attitude (most of the time) .

i have very little to no sympathy for people who will not take control of their lives . A lot of the times, we want to just ... see how things work out . Make a choice and see where it takes us, but thats my point . WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE ...even if it's only one . Who we date, who we spend our time with, what we spend our time doing, what we pursue in life is (for the most part) up to us . It may seem too simple, but i really believe some people want their lives to be more complicated, some kind of urban soap opera they can brag about to their friends .

well im not the one to call on with these moments . If you went on a date with a guy and he didnt call you back after a month, find a new guy . If your mom is pressuring you about something that you dont want to do , talk to her about it and come to a solution . If you hate being an engineering major, stick it out or change it . two choices . Im not saying that there are always "clear" answers, but im saying that you have choices . Sometimes there are not right and wrong, but simply paths that lead you to different outcomes ... take control of your life and CHOOSE one . dwelling for weeks on a subject does not make you any less stressed ... make a choice . If it's the wrong one, you have become that much wiser .

life is too short to worry about dumb stuff . make choices so you can continue to live life . make choices so you can love one another . if you spend all your time ...rattling your mind about miniscule decisions, you never have time to appreciate the place in your life that you reside. life is simply too short .

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