peeking through . . .

you ever have a moment in your life when you knew things were going to change in your life ?

sometimes it can be the simplest thing like a new hairstyle . that new cut is going to change the way people perceive you .
maybe you're buying the new car that you've been wanting for a minute and you know you're gunna get more girls than you ever have before lol .
perhaps, someone close to you has moved away . the way you look at happiness will have to be in gaps, rather than fluid bliss .
sometimes it can be a career decision or a school choice or a bad choice that will spin your life in a whole new direction with all new circumstances .

but the most subtle of realizations are the ones when you meet someone that you know is going to change things for you . sometimes, its a person that is going to end up an awesome friend along the way . the godmother of your children, maid of honor type of friend that you have been searching for . The kind that will take off her heels in front of a club and hop in a girlfight for you . The kind of friends that will bring you snickers candy bars when your mother passes cause they know it's your favorite. Those kind .

sometimes it's a person that you know is in low supply around the rest of the world . what do i mean by that ? well, you meet many 'types' of people throughout the years ... and it seems like they can all fall into a certain category. once and a while, you meet people that will never fit into the boundaries that our minds try to put them in . they're different, they challenge you in new ways, they make you feel new . i just think that moment when you think, "wait, this is where it changes" only comes a few times in your life . pick it out of circumstance when you can notice ... it's worth it .

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