floating on cloud 8 inch .

i was a reluctant, little she . . . in big girl's shoes .
so sure that i retired the typical 'tango of love' . as a matter of fact, i put my red flashy dance stilettos in storage . i wasn't ready yet; i figured my taupe, cotton flats needed some use .

then, my friends said maybe i should 'play the field' ? so, i borrowed some cleats and walked onto the grass . my 'bro's' had plenty of cleats to spare, all they did was play ...games . those shoes were never too comfy, but i shrugged and pushed a long . i went to clubs in those cleats, parties in those cleats, i went to eat in those cleats . little did i know , other people were wearing cleats too . they were on the field for the same reason as me: to play . needless to say, i was awesome in that arena ...dodging a tackle here and there . moving just enough to get a first down ...but i never wanted a touchdown . but what's a hollow victory anyway ?

so, i retired . i put on my brown boots and took a deep breath . i thought, "ill just live , as long as i dont have to wear those red stilettos ." the thought of those 8 inch heels and falling on my ass again was not an option .

so , me and my friends went to a party, and i saw you and your shoes :

" i like your shoes !" i said .
"aye, i like you ." he laughed . i smiled ...

& needless to say . . . i now know how to rock these red stilettos .

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