THEE turkey tussle .

let me enlighten you all to the biggest homecoming game in California . i dont care if people claim its dorsey & crenshaw, or....WHATEVER . The Pasadena High School VS. muir football game is thee most competitive homecoming game EVER !! We been playin each other since 1954 at the Rose Bowl. our rivalry is NO JOKE . hell, my DAD still talks about his turkey tussle at the rosebowl (they won lol). we compete in football, basketball (which we murder them), track, water polo, golf, academics, ....EVERYTHING lmbo . My senior year ... sigh ...but it was cool cause i was on homecomin court lmbo ... but i digress =)

So, tonight is the Tussle and im routin' for my alma mater PHS :) go get em dawgs ! i wish i was there , ugh lol .
[even though my significant other is a mustang, dont hold it against him ...nobody's perfect =X lol]
STANG KILLAH ;) thanks .

so anywho... my junior year, FSN came to our schools to film . Here was the trailer:

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