beyonce !

B ! youre making it so hard for us to compete these days ! lol . know one can deny that Beyonce is an amazing artist . She has a gorgeous voice and can sing in like a thousand, different languages lol . she can dance, pop, swing and probably kick box while singing ! She knows how to keep her business . . . her business ! & i always looked at Beyonce as classy ! even when she had some 'riskay' videos , she left something to the imagination :)

but ummm ...erra, this one is a lot Beyonce . i think she looks great like always in the beginning ! and i always liked this song . but whats up with the raunchy-ness B ? The boobs, the nude shiny bra, the doo doo mama booty rollin ? Beyonce, you have always been the woman who had sex appeal, but it was always 'natural'... never pressed -_- . you dont gotta compete with the little girls, youre a grown woman and you already got it ! Even your added on lyrics at the end were "ms.jackson if ya nasty"-like. lol . I dont know, maybe it's just me . Im still a huge fan though and she looked awesome , but just paying attention .

PS. lady gaga ... shuuuuuuuuuut upppppppp . lol (in case you didnt know, she's a joke)