spotlight where it's needed .

welp, i realized that im completely oblivious to a certain demographic on my posts these days . i feel bad for em and i know they are probably thinking , "aye . what about me?" well , here's a post in your honor ... 'the good guys'. .

i can see where you guys are comming from . Girl's claim that they want you and they can't 'find you' . it must drive you insane huh ? "Men are all the same . There aint no good men left" blah, blah, B L A H . when they get you, they stray off with some guy in a leather jacket and motorcycle (symbolically speaking lol) . I'll let you in on a little secret: women rarely know what they want . Youre a great guy and they find little things to nitpick about, leave you hangin & then start crying when their new man is doin them dirt . there will be a girl who appreciates you ! Dont change because a girl with confused values cannot ...value you .

quick PSA: i bet some of you out there think im talking
to you . aha . please . i bet youre saying to yourself, "hell, i smell good .
i aint a woman-beater . uhh , yeaaa ...this is meant for me"
im sorry champ, you'll get em next time . "good guys'' are such for a reason .
These men are in an elite club because they have reached manhood .

ill be honest and say idea's of a 'real man' are completely subjective . some
people think a Man means he pays his child support payments on time . some
think people think a man is a guy with a lot of money, a successful job . WELL ,
i think being a man is all about maturity, responsibility and accountability.

A real man knows that if he makes a commitment, he is going to stand by it ...because he is strong enough to be held accountable . If he has a baby, he is going to be in the childs life ...financially and emotionally, because he knows that he was half of the reason for this life being brought into the world . If he has a wife or commited relationship, he is courageous enough to be held accountable for his actions . He has enough integrity to realize that cheating is a scar on his credibility as a man . When a husband and father, he takes the role to protect his family (and loves ones) by all means ... that one is the most important because it takes the most responsibility, accountability, and maturity.

Now, that does not mean a 'real man' has never cheated on his girl or made mistakes . Real men dont even have to be in commited relationships ...some just want to play the field . But see, he knows the difference between the past and his matured self now . He knows the difference between 'playing games' and a commitment . He knows that one takes responsibility and one does not . He knows that with the latter, fidelity is expected of him . The 'good guy' is on his way swiftly to manhood . Shouts out to you guys ! You'll make a girl very happy some day, and you wont be perfect ... but your integrity will be a light for others to see ... promise !

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