over your head .

as of lately :
les règles de nature ne s'appliquent pas .

my veins are no longer the vessel for blood . they are simply the tubes . the tubes used to transfer the love to my finger tips . the tips that type on these keys in a scared, light tapping of dance . but what are veins anyway ? simply what the mind tells us they are, and my mind stopped functioning in a typical way . . . about six months ago on that car ride home .

my palms are facing the sky in a hopeful stance and cold désir illégal is brushed in maroon across my hands . rather than let it dry, i press them against fear . ill let that aspect of my life deal with the passionate burden that used to be my own . i just wanna sit in whatever this is . whatever it is that im feeling, i want to stay here where the air is clear and simple is near . This may all seem very complex and puzzle like . at it's it core, however, it could never be more plain .

if the heart beats approximately 100,000 every 24 hours ,
then i'd like to know where my other 50,000 have been hiding everyday .

see, ever since i you. . . my heart has skipped a beat everytime, without failure . not that i needs those beats anyway . i'm more than content to have you fill the gaps of what used to be a mundane, typical b e a t . i find it more mystical than anything, my heart can still pump blood to my feet . my heart can still send blood to my face, to my stomach . amazing . it's so cliche to think that you could be a part of her heart . i've never been the 'mushy' type & but the solid has been deteriated .

This is for my friend . wake up and realize you're in love . . . as scary as it may seem, people wait a lifetime to feel what you do. Until you can say it, ill just say what you cant . . .

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