sweating in the theatre .

so, i saw new moon lastnight . first of all , this movie made like 140 million dollars !? and i can see why . For all of you non-twilighters out there, you honestly dont know what youre missing . It has action for you meatheads out there and it has a great story line . Although , the romance is definitely the most intriguing part in the movie. i need to break this down :

"Edward is a vampire (and reluctant to be one) . His group of vampires are
vegitarians in a sense . They work very hard not to hurt humans and to keep
their identity a secret, even though everyone in town knows theyre a little
'strange' (given their pale faces, their distance from everyone at
school and failure to look much older over the years).

Bella (relucantly) moves to town . She is intrigued by Edward ,
and he is trying his best to stay away because her particular blood makes him go
and unlike every other human, Edward cannot read Bella's thoughts . He has
an instict to protect her at all times and she is falling for him . He yearns
for her, but is scared by his complicated attraction as well ."

Psh, that's just A PART of the first movie lol . The reason why these movies/books appeal to so many people is because we are left emotionally naked in the movie theatre . S E R I O U S L Y . The passion displayed on screen is kind of unexplainable . Edward cant even kiss her for too long because he has to fight off the yearning of her blood . But, he does because of his love for her . . . It's a very twisted love, but it's so deep . it's a very complicated romance story, but i think it's one of the best of our time !


this guy is an extraordinary actor . He makes us feel his pain, his soul, his everything ! He was good in Harry Potter, but he's killing the game now lol .he's going to be an awesome name someday, mark my words .

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