procrast.. brb .

[7:12pm Eastern time]

you wanna have a true outer-body experience ?

. . . procrastinate .

i swear, when im sitting in my room and i have work to do ... i find anything to do other than the task at hand . id rather do laundry, paint my nails, eat, facebook, twitter, or watch tv -_- . i say procrastination is an outer body experience because it seems like youre watching yourself push off things and you cant take control of your body. its quite scary and . . .

hold on please .

[10:58 am Eastern time]

i realized i was procrastinating by blogging instead of doing my term paper .

ahem ... like i was saying,

...procrastination is no jokeeee . it's the laziest denial a person can have , trust me . you keep telling yourself that youre going to do your homework ...that youre going to call the bank like your dad asked ... like youre going to be productive. on the outside youre thinking, "ill start riiiiight after this episode", but deeeeeeeep down inside, youre thinkin' "psh. yeauh right" .

but doesnt it feel great ? just to find absolutely anything and everything to do besides the thing you hate ? who knew you could re-organize your closet by color and size until you procrastinated ? who knew there were actually deleted scenes of the titanic ? who knew you could beat your record of stayin on facebook for five hours . man, you learn so much through procrastinating .
as Ellen Degeneres eloquently stated, "procrastinate now ! dont put it off" :)

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