the record was crooked .

sooo . basically , toni & trey kissed . . . for 2.5 seconds . ladies, dont fret . that was just for the performance . toni braxton is 41 years old and trey trey is 25 , that's just gross lol . i like their song in all seriousness though , (not being biased) i like trey's part better lol . so ladies , dont feel threatened by toni ...
after all, it seems as if "just right" from 'for the love of ray j' is the real threat . lmbo i knowwww right ? ew . supposedly, Ray J was reeeeally feeling 'just right' & the real reason she was released from ray's show was because she was feeling trey songz and talking about him constantly while in the house . COME ON , i dont even have to say it . it seems like pigs are flying above my head . how about you? lol im just saying . . . if she has a chance, then you ALL have a chance =)

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