one thousand shades of middle .

i was asked to address: 'black men & women dating outside their race' .

so, is it right for Black men to date white women, latina women, asian women ? Is it right for Black women to do the same ? My answer is simply: mind your own business aha .

It's okay to have a preference when it comes to what youre attracted to. However, it is not okay for people to simply generalize one race over another. For example, i absolutely hate when Black guys say, "I'm done with Black women, all they do is nag and roll theyre eyes and try to rip apart my masculinity." First off, all Black women do not have overbearing attitudes . Secondly, if your 'masculinity' can be so easily ripped to pieces, then perhaps youre not strong enough for that woman anyway . It makes me wonder if there is some self-hatred in affect . Why do some men hate Black women so much ? There mother is Black , there sisters are Black ..can they see no beauty in them ? Is it so wrong for Black women to push their Black men and hold them accountable for their actions ? Honestly, relationships are about a union . . . not a tyrant and a push-over . Black women are strong , no doubt about it . dont down play their worth . BUT , if a man finds a woman that he has a genuine connection with, that makes him feel like he's on top of the world ...and she's white, then SO WHAT . let him be happy, and mind your business .

I hate when Black women complain about Black men, but will not date outside of their race . "Black men do not know how to respect me. They have no ambition. Theyre unfaithful." First of all, that can be said of any ethnicity, so stop contributing to wack racial stereotypes. Secondly, stop limiting yourself to the same men . . . go out and find a man who can give you everything you need and if he happens to be Irish then so be it . Stop pushing back God's blessing because his family likes to eat sheep intestines , you better gobble up ! Skin color is not the determining factor of love. Nevertheless, i cant be mad at a woman who can appreciate the beauty in Black men .

Me ? I think there's nothing more attractive than a Black man . I love their style, their walk, charisma, their confidence and demeanor . Strength and Black man are synonymous to me . I also know what a responsible Black man looks like and i thank my Dad for that love, support, and courage. A lot of Black men have so much going for themselves EXCEPT ambition and accountability. I know way too many low lifes and dead beat dads. Hell, my dad never met his own dad . Im just saying ladies, good Black men are out there ... but dont knock down another good one just because he has a different ethnic background . Dont love by color, love by soul .

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