the 'will work for food' generation .

let me tell a very important story:

once upon a time, my dad was
at luke's barber shop on orange grove and fair oaks . [Luke has been a barber
since my dad was a little boy, he has always looked out for the kids in Pasadena
.] My dad sits in the chair talking to the other barbers about football when
this lady walks in . She has on dirty clothes, her hair is tangled and matted, a
stench filled the barber shop air, and some of her teeth were missing . the ones
that were intact were rotten .

my dad minded his own business . Luke looked at the woman. "Lisa, you need to get it together and you cant be beggin' in here," he said in a low voice . The woman scratched a bit, twitched and began to head for the door and saw my dad . STEVE !" she yelled , "Look at youuuuu ...how you doin baby?"

My dad said the only thing he could recognize were her eyes,
"Lisa?" he said , eyes wide.

Lisa was 'that girl' in highschool . She was gorgeous and had a great body and all the guys wanted to date her (My dad said she was, "bad in highschool" and i almost threw up , but i digress).

He said she was Miss Popular , and look now look at her . . .

EVERYONE, EVERYONE, EVERYONE thinks that theyre going to make ends meet . Either we see that our parents did it, or we are so comfortable in our lifestyle that we think it'll be 'easy' . PLEASE wake up . My mom and dad both didnt finish college (my dad just recently) and my dad was able to run branches of a business across the country, my mom made a name for herself at disney . BUT PEOPLE, this was 20 years ago . These days, people arent 'handing out' jobs . in today's economy, people arent handing out jobs !

People think the recession will be 'over' soon ? The great depression lasted for 10 years . That seems small in history terms, but imagine being broke and homeless at the age of 28, 30? ill be blunt: f*ck that . The class of 2008 graduated the most students in the history of the US . DO YOU KNOW HOW COMPETITIVE THAT MAKES AMERICA'S JOB INDUSTRY ? from journalists, to doctors, to business starters, clothing line starters, apparel buyers, lawyers, hell . . . burger king .

soooo, im calling out to these DUMB YOUNG girls in highschool ... get smart soon . cause, chasing around boys who are already 19 and 20 . . . not doing anything wont do a damn thing for you when you graduate and work for UPS or TSA . Being popular is NOT COOL lol . No one wants to listen though, ask "lisa" or any other one of my dad's friends from HS and Muir who were found behind buildings killed or strung out . It happens in Cali, it happens in DC, it happens in New York, it happens in New Mexico . . . WAKE UP .

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