holding hands with the 'used to be'


individual braids .

snacks handy in my backpack .

enthusiastic and smiling, looking forward to my first year of highschool in 2 months .

i was a nerd .

the principles of attraction are never what they're supposed to be .
binding your mind & heart to smear what the eyes can see .
neither one of us were that cool
but i was younger and a bit dull .
i guess you saw something else behind my meek persona .

perhaps you saw my boxing gloves stuffed in my jansport .
maybe you saw my intellegence tucked behind my ear .
it couldve been my kisses, braided between my hair .
or there's a chance you peeped my ambition hidden in my chucks ?

i made so many friends . girls and guys . but i was always always the friend . it didnt bother me much . i was swamped in books and an "almost highschool life" . it was until a party two years later that it hit me . when i walked in, sporting my new found "ooo la la" ..i saw you in the corner with the guys . eyes met , and the weirdest look of frustration and intrigue hit me in the face . i came up and waved . you grabbed my wrist and yanked me into the most sincere hug from a highschool boy till i was seventeen . you aknowledged who i was back in the day and embraced the woman i became .

denying who you were is a dishonor to who you are today . so what if i wasnt smooth for all of my life . how boring is that ? lol, the outcasts of life are the ones who always lead the most amazing lives . i look forward to the rest of mine .

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