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i take the risk right now of sounding "uncool" , but nevertheless my heart is heavy for the world around me & for myself, & for my fam (blood & un-related) . I often cringe at the things i hear or see that makes me uncomfortable, but nomore . Even worse, sometimes i condone it & ill be held accountable for that later .

The older i get, the more i begin to understand life in a rejuvinated way . I often brush off the things i do because i say, "im young" and i act as if my short-lived 19 years on earth is an excuse for some of the dumb things i condone or do . God has blessed me with the (somewhat) burden of having ethics and accountability . When i do something that is against my principles as a Christian, it itches my spirit. When i see my friends lost or hurting, i feel responsible. Salvation is something that is true bliss . Knowing God (which means having a relationship) is the epitome of contentment and unique characteristics ...being the salt to a tasteless world . Once a person has accepted God as their personal LORD and savior -alot of times people want God to save them, but not let him have rule over their lives-, they are saved forever . Sometimes we slip up and repent, but "theres a difference between sinning & living a lifestyle of sin".

The older i get, the quieter i get . Its an aquired skill ...the ability to listen . I am either quiet because i am thinking , because im observing, because i have nothing to add, or because i am disappointed . These days, it seems to be the latter . I am just worried for this generation. Who am i to condone a lifestyle of sin ? God sent his son to die for us so that we could have everlasting life ... and yet, i act like everything is all good & its not . We didnt create the heavens and the earth...we didnt have thorns thrust into our hands and feet ...& yet, we have this wack sense of entitlement like we can do anything we want, and expect God to bless us abundantly . We act as if our age in an excuse for our behavior ...but i know for sure that tomorrow isnt promised. And if we are old enough & arrogant enough to believe we can manipulate God with that weak excuse, then we are old enough to be held accountable for our actions .

just a thought . im not pointing fingers, because i am not perfect . but at the same time, i wont sugar-coat because God's salvation is not a "joke" . i say this with love, all of my love .

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