grow up .. yea ?

whats so wrong with ambition ? self-love? passion ?
seriously .

i was sitting at my old high school's graduation yesterday at the rosebowl . and all those people , got me to thinking:

how can people really be content with doing nothing with their lives ? graduated high school three years ago and still thriving off of the new jordans & the the freshest neighborhood drama ? sitting in their filth, while watching the rest of the society proceed without them . they are arrogant enough to believe that the world will wait for them .

now, im not referring to college as the only means to success . im talking about ambition and passion . pursuing something that makes them happy . striving to make a comfortable life for yourself and/or the people you love . something has to make you wake up in the morning and it's okay if you dont know right now . However, that should be all the more means for you to get up and make moves . Going to college because all of your friends are doing it and you dont wanna be a lame is not ambition ... its "followerism" haha . Instead, do it because you want to be well-rounded and put more knowledge in your noggin . duh ;

If you love music, pursue it . If you love dancing...do that . If you wake up in the morning and decide to write something, please do . i just saw so many lames with the same jokes they had in highschool . hating on everyone else's success ...like they did in highschool . damn, be different !

different doesnt mean dressing like a clown on melrose blvd (tights are not supposed to ripped manually ... it looks trashy and like an accident). different is yourself . at the end of the day, nobody can be you . no one can have your experiences . have your passions and ambitions in the same capacity . so, different would be pursuing youre self-actualization and being a good person . we often accept the negative instead of thinking we are capable of doing better . think about it ?

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  1. One time, I asked my friend, what are you going to major in when you go to college, she told me, "I'm not going to college, I'm going to have a whole bunch of kids and be on the county." Even though I knew she was playing, that got me to thinking, what if people really do think like that. How can you struggle all your life, barely finish school and when you do, just give up, and not do anything.