i just had to laugh ..

so fatima is at the bank ...

wait, wait... lemme rewind & give you background info on Tima :

Fatima Elswify is my really good friend and she is a very awkward
person . Quite halarious actually. Whenever i see her we can never hug because
she makes it too weird . You should see that bullshxt haha . text-challenged,
phone-enthusiasm challenged, just all bad haha . An example of tima's
social-challenged skills:


so Fatima is at the bank minding her own business . She gets in line to get service from one of the bank tellers . Directly in front of her is a lady and of course everything is fine and dandy . All of a sudden, the lady turns and her eyes roll to the back of her head . She falls back and lands on the floor in front of Tima's feet, "THUD" . she passes out on the WAMU floor . Fatima stands there and watches everyone else come to the woman's side . Women and men are saying "Oh my God ! Are you okay ? Someone call 911 !" Meanwhile, Fatima is just uncomfortable (im cracking up btw when she's telling me this story ... hell, im crackin up as im writing it) . So then while all this is happening, the bank teller says, "I can help the next guest in line?" and FATIMA shimmies around the lady and all of the pandemonium to go the window . lmxo .

you gotta love Fatima .

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