happy daddy's day :)

what a inspirational man . my daddy .
youngest of seven brothers, never met his dad...living with a single mother .
working a night job to help support the family, going to PHS, and then basketball practice . moving up from poverty to living comfortably .

Being an amazing husband of 18 years to lose his wife to breast cancer .
staying by her hospital bed, being her rock in the hardest of times .
Remaining strong for me and my brother when he couldve easily given up on life . Providing for the family and still instilling important values in our lives . Working two jobs and going back to school to be the best person he can be .

My mom used to always tell me, "you better make sure you get a husband like your daddy" and i used to look at her and say, "gross." lol . but she was right . responsible, lively, ambitious, faithful, full of integrity & love to give the world . My husband will have some huge shoes to fill :) i L O V E my daddy .

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